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Tier 2 Instructor Certification Course

The CPPS Workplace Violence Instructor Certification provides individuals with expanded background about workplace violence and, upon successfully completing an online course, equips them with resources to present comprehensive awareness training to Client personnel. The online instructional course and the resources provided following completion are consistent with the guidance of ANSI ASIS WVPI AA-2020, OSHA Instruction 02-01-058, as well as industry best practices.

Disclaimer: This course is intended to be viewed by one user only and must be completed within six months of purchase.

Course Overview
The online course total runtime is approximately 4.5 hours, including five presentations that deepen one’s understanding of the key topics prescribed for awareness training in the guidance outlined above:
1. Course Overview and Introduction to Workplace Violence
2. A Deeper Look Into Extreme Violence
3. Hostage Survival – Applicability to Workplace Violence
4. Compliance Considerations
5. Workplace Violence Awareness, Prevention, and Response Example Presentation
After concluding the final segment, individuals will complete a test. After successfully passing the test, the instructor certification requirements will be completed. Individuals are provided 60 days’ access to the Learning Management System (LMS) to complete the online course.

Continuation and Refresher Training
After the 60-day access to the LMS expires, continuation training modules and refresher training of the full online course are available for $399.

Instructional Resources
The following resources will be provided after the online course has been completed:
• An overview and guideline document outlining the certification program
• A suite of reference materials published by various public and private sector entities
o Relevant Studies and Whitepapers
o Applicable industry Standards and Directives
o Governmental publications
• A Public Performance License letter authorizing perpetual use of CPPS’ curriculum and training videos as listed below:
o Flash Point, De-Escalating and Preventing Violence in the Workplace
o Silent Storm, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking – Impact on the Workplace
o When Lightning Strikes, How to Recognize and Respond to an Extreme Violence Event
o CPPS’ Courseware for live awareness training

  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Module 1 - Intro
  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Module 2 - Deeper Look
  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Module 3 - Hostage
  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Module 4 - Trends
  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Module 5 - Example Presentation
  • Instructor Certification - Tier 2 Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed